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2019 Grand Prize Winner of TopShelf Magazine

Such an incredible honor to receive the 2019 Grand Prize from TopShelf Magazine for Storm at Keizer Manor.

Early December I received an email from TopShelf Magazine to inform me I was one of three finalists in the running for the GRAND PRIZE!

I had submitted Storm at Keizer Manor a long time ago and knew it was a finalist in both Romance (Clean) AND First Novel (Over 80,000 Words) with over a hundred entries in these particular categories. When I received word that I was one of three finalists, I was super excited.

It didn't dawn on me until TopShelf Magazine's Holiday Issue was published and I discovered myself on the cover what it really meant. I was completely blown away. ME? On the cover of a nationwide magazine, a powerful brand that booksellers, librarians, authors, and booklovers everywhere trust. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it and couldn’t be more proud to see my historical time travel romance as TopShelf Book Awards winning novel! Here is a link to their review online,

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