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M Y  N O V E L

Storm at Keizer Manor

Award Winning Historical Time-Travel Romance Novel

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Straight out of high school, Annet moves in with her boyfriend Forrest to escape her mother's multiple and often volatile relationships. Annet finds a job at the local museum, the Keizer Manor, where the oil paintings from 19th-century painter Alexander Keizer are exhibited.


After the Keizer Manor's 200 anniversary, they quarrel and stroll through the dunes to talk it over. When dark clouds roll in, the beautiful sunny weather turns into a thunderstorm so violent they get separated.

The next morning, Forrest finds himself alone.

So does Annet.


Regaining consciousness in a monastery, Annet finds herself in the 1800's! She wonders if the nuns play a prank on her. After all, Annet is a pregnant twenty-first-century woman and doesn't belong there!
But how will she get back to her own time?

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The real Keizer Manor in Dunedam,

10 miles from Heemstead, Netherlands