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Book Review: Take A Journey Into The Storm

Lance wrote a review for Storm at the Keizer Manor and I want to share some of the highlights.

<<<<< Sometimes readers will stumble upon a book that has an interesting plot, and takes the reader on a path that they are not sure where it is going, but they have to keep reading to find the end of the journey. Ramcy Diek’s “Storm At The Keizer Manor” (Acorn Publishing , November 2017) is such a book.>>>>>

<<<<< Although romance books are not a favorite theme for this reader, Ramcy's book gives a unique slant of the genre that satisfies, with some complex (and not so complex) characters, mystery, and a partial setting for those that wonder what it would be like settling down in another time period, without the everyday distractions of today’s modern society. Although the ending is a little bit sudden (no spoilers here, but it may shock some), it does not detract from the journey getting there. Diek’s book shows why there are some great independent books that readers may enjoy, with a twist on a genre that at times seem trite. >>>>>>

You should see the smile on my face. :)

Check out the entire review at

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